Progressive House & Trance Classics


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The List

Artist(s) and TitleRating
16 Bit Lolita’s Featuring Jennifer Horne – Nobody Seems To Care★★★★☆
Above & Beyond vs. Andy Moor – Air For Life★★★★☆
Age Of Love – The Age Of Love (Watch Out For Stella Club Mix)★★★★★
Airwave & DJ Fire – Kabalash (Van Bellen Remix)★★★★☆
Albion – Air (Oliver Lieb Remix – Remastered)★★★★☆
Albion – Air★★★★★
Alex Rocco – Set U Free (Club Mix)★★★★★
Alt+F4 – Alt+F4★★★★☆
Art Of Trance – Firebird (Petar Dundov Remix)★★★★★
Astral Projection – Mahadeva (Original Mix)★★★★★
Ayla – Ayla (Taucher Remix)★★★★★
Benicio – For The Love Of You (Bay Breeze Mix)★★★★★
C.M. – Dream Universe★★★★☆
Cascade – Altitude★★★★☆
Chakra – Home (Original Dub)★★★★★
Chakra – Love Shines Through★★★★★
Cherrymoon Trax – The House Of House (Oliver Lieb Mix 1)★★★★★
Chris Raven – I Know You Love Me Too (Bruce Norris Remix)★★★★★
Chris Raven – I Know You Love Me Too (Van Bellen Remix)★★★★★
Coast 2 Coast Featuring Discovery – Home★★★★☆
Cosmic Gate Featuring Jan Johnston – I Feel Wonderful (Cosmic Gate’s AM To PM Mix)★★★★☆
Cosmic Gate Featuring Jan Johnston – I Feel Wonderful (Riley & Durrant Remix)★★★★☆
Cosmic Gate Featuring Wippenberg – Guess Who★★★★☆
CRW – I Feel Love (DJ JamX & De Leon Remix)★★★★☆
CRW – Sweet Dream (Sweet Dream Mix)★★★★★
Da Hool – Meet Her At The Loveparade (Nalin & Kane Remix)★★★★☆
Dance 2 Trance – Power Of American Natives (Ethno Instrumental Mix)★★★★★
Dance 2 Trance – Power Of American Natives (Vocal Mix)★★★★★
Dance 2 Trance – We Came In Peace (’93 Mix)★★★★☆
Deadmau5 – Not Exactly★★★★☆
Deadmau5 – Strobe (Full Length Version)★★★★☆
Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp (Raumgleiter Version – Remastered)★★★★★
DJ Arne L II – Gravediggers Have More Fun★★★★☆
DJ Tom-X ‎- Free Your Feelings★★★★☆
Dove Beat – La Paloma (Ocean Remix)★★★★☆
Duderstadt – Muhanjala★★★★★
DuMonde – Tomorrow (Jamx & De Leon Onkel’s Brett Mix)★★★★★
Energy 52 – Cafe Del Mar (Three N One Remix)★★★★☆
Es Vedra – Cala D’Hort (DJ Janis vs. Plus One Remix)★★★★☆
Fast – Transmission★★★★★
Giorgio Moroder – The Chase (Jam & Spoon Radio Mix)★★★★★
Gouryella – Gouryella★★★★☆
Gouryella – Walhalla (Instrumental Extended)★★★★☆
Humate – Love Stimulation (Love Mix)★★★★★
Humate – Love Stimulation (Oliver Lieb Softmix)★★★★☆
Hunter and Lauks – Shades Of Blue (Deep Blue Mix)★★★★☆
Hybrid – Finished Symphony (Deadmau5 Remix)★★★★☆
iiO Featuring Nadia Ali – Rapture (Riva Remix)★★★★★
Jam & Spoon – Odyssey To Anyoona★★★★★
James Holden – A Break in the Clouds (Main Mix)★★★★☆
James Holden Featuring Julie Thompson – Nothing (93 Returning Mix)★★★★☆
Jonas Steur – Silent Waves★★★★☆
Kamaya Painters – Endless Wave (Original Mix)★★★★★
Kay D. Smith & Marc Tall – Hoipolloi★★★★☆
Lange Featuring Skye – Drifting Away (Lange’s Sunset Mix)★★★★★
Laura Turner – Soul Deep (Signum Extended Club Mix)★★★★★
Lost Tribe – Gamemaster★★★★☆
M.I.K.E. – Sunrise At Palamos (Original Remastered Mix)★★★★★
Marc Et Claude – Free★★★★★
Mario Più – The Vision (Vision 1 Original Mix)★★★★★
Marmion – Schöneberg★★★★★
Mauro Picotto – Komodo (Tea Mix)★★★★☆
Minimalistix – Struggle For Pleasure (Filterheadz Remix)★★★★☆
Miss Jane – It’s A Fine Day (ATB Club Mix)★★★★☆
Motorcycle – As the Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Sweeping Strings Remix)★★★★★
Nalin & Kane – Beachball (Original Club Mix)★★★★★
Nordlander – Into the Sky★★★★★
OceanLab Featuring Justine Suissa – Clear Blue Water (Ferry Corsten Remix)★★★★★
Oliver Lieb – Subraumstimulation★★★★☆
Orbital – Halcyon + On + On★★★★★
Organza – Aloha★★★★★
Petter – All Together★★★★☆
Peyote – Alcatraz★★★★☆
Probspot – Blueberry (Original Re-edit)★★★★☆
Probspot – Foreplay★★★★☆
Pulser – My Religion★★★★☆
Pulser – Sunseeker (Instrumental Mix)★★★★★
Push – Strange World (2000 Remake)★★★★★
Push – Universal Nation★★★★★
Reflekt Featuring Delline Bass – Need To Feel Loved (12 Inch Club Mix)★★★★★
Renov8 & DJ Anna Lee – Love In Rhythm (Orange In Love Remix)★★★★★
Ridgewalkers Featuring El – Find (Andy Moor Remix)★★★★☆
Riva – Stringer (Original Mix)★★★★☆
RMB – Reality (Long Vocal Version)★★★★★
RMB – Redemption★★★★★
RMB – Spring (Vocal Mix)★★★★★
RMB – Whispering★★★★★
Robert Miles – Children (Dream Version)★★★★★
Rooky – Secrets (Vectrex Remix)★★★★★
Rui Da Silva Featuring Cassandra Fox – Touch Me (Clean Mix)★★★★★
Russenmafia – Go! (Westside Mix)★★★★☆
Salt Tank – Eugina (Michael Woods Remix)★★★★☆
Salt Tank – Eugina (Pacific Diva)★★★★★
Sash! – Encore Une Fois (Future Breeze Remix)★★★★★
Sean Tyas – Lift (Sean Tyas Rework)★★★★★
Servant Of Light – Exhale (DJ Natron Mix)★★★★☆
Smiter – Both Places★★★★☆
Solarstone – Seven Cities (V-One’s Living Cities Remix)★★★★★
Solid Globe – North Pole (Remastering 2014)★★★★★
Solid Sessions – Janeiro (Pronti & Kalmani Instrumental Mix)★★★★☆
Storm – Time To Burn (Video Edit)★★★★☆
Sunlounger – White Sand★★★★☆
SuReal – You Take My Breath Away (Lange Original Mix)★★★★★
System F – Out Of The Blue 2010 (Original 1999 Extended Mix)★★★★★
The MFA – The Difference It Makes★★★★☆
The Thrillseekers Present Hydra – Affinity (The Thrillseekers Remix)★★★★★
Three Drives – Air Traffic★★★★☆
Tilt – The World Doesn’t Know (Original)★★★★★
Tom Wax Joins DJ JamX & De Leon ‎- Laut & Leise (DJ JamX & De Leon Mix)★★★★☆
Ultra – The Dawn★★★★★
Union Jack – Cactus (Remastered Original Mix)★★★★★
Union Jack – Funnelweb★★★★★
Union Jack – Gibbon (Original Mix)★★★★☆
Union Jack – Papillon (Instrumental Mix)★★★★☆
Union Jack – Red Herring (Original Mix – Remastered)★★★★★
Van Bellen – Let Me Take You (On A Journey)★★★★★
Van Gott – World Of Love (The Hayloft Mix)★★★★☆
Veracocha – Carte Blanche★★★★☆
Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 (Original Radio Edit)★★★★☆

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